Show Us How You Wiggle!

We all create favored paths to repeat destinations, which become so routine to us we don’t think twice as we go along. These routes often help us avoid scary intersections, high-traffic streets, or killer hills in favor of something more pleasant and user-friendly. The idea of the “Wiggle” began in San Francisco where cyclists share a famous winding route for getting through the hilly divide. While Austin doesn’t face the same magnitude of “hills,” we thought we’d tap into the local scene for some trip-tips from Austin cyclers to share with our readers.

esEileen’s Wiggle

Bicycling can be a great way to do the occasional trip, for this “wiggle” its faster than driving, and I expand my lunch options.  So here’s my “let’s go to lunch” wiggle from City Hall to Whole Foods.  2nd St. (W) to San Antonio (N) to 3rd St (W) across the LABW bridge then stay on 3rd St, then wiggle up Bowie (N) a block and voila. Whole Foods has plenty of bike parking so you can skip circling the garage.

Check out the rest of our wiggle series here! We want to hear how you wiggle! Comment below or email us your wiggle at

One Response to Show Us How You Wiggle!

  1. Tom Wald says:

    That really _is_ a wiggle! I’ve done it a number of times, but it’s far from obvious unless you know the downtown grid inside-and-out. Thanks for sharing, Eileen.