Enthusiasm Grows for Austin Bike Share!

brad sloanBrad Sloan, a Movability follower, recently caught our eye by sharing his excitement for the growing bike share movement, soon to launch in Austin, on our Facebook Fan Page. We spoke to Brad to dig into what he thinks about the benefits of bike share coming to Austin.

Q: What is so exciting about bike share? 

Bike share will positively improve the quality of life for Austin and its people. Bike share will help cut down on local downtown traffic by getting people out of their cars and on to bikes–to go for lunch, to buy groceries, to cover the last mile from other transit options to their place of business and it has been shown that local shops benefit when people don’t pass by as quickly as they do in a car.

Q: How do you think bike share will be used in Austin when we get it?

The key is station placement. The most obvious is the Austin Convention Center station near the MetroRail Red Line. Train riders, instead of a long walk or waiting for a bus, will be able to bike the remaining distance to work. Capitol workers coming to work on buses could do the same by having bike share stations at major bus stops. With bike share stations near the University of Texas, students could ride downtown or to Lady Bird Lake. Tourists would be able to ride around Lady Bike Lake or up to the Capital building covering more ground than if they walk. People who live downtown or nearby, could use bike share for running short errands for groceries, to the bank, for entertainment.

Also, I’m excited about the bike infrastructure being built and planned right now within the city. I think the key is separated bike paths to get more people biking. Most Austin streets cannot be widened any more than they are, so there needs to be other ways for people to get around town.

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3 Responses to Enthusiasm Grows for Austin Bike Share!

  1. Jonathan says:

    Has a map been released of where the proposed stations will be?

    • glenn says:

      Hi Jonathon- no map has been released as of yet. Station locations are still in the planning and analysis phase. Movability will release updates on that as soon as we hear any news. There will likely be a public input phase for you to provide your thoughts on station locations. We’ll keep you posted!

  2. Nathan says:

    I’m hoping this program will be successful. Downtown Austin has a long way to go to be a walkable city like Chicago or Denver however it’s getting there. The smart cars have gained popularity so maybe this will also.