Do You Dadnab??

dadnab user with captionDadnab offers a transit navigation solution at your fingertips–a basic, reliable, FREE service that doesn’t require a fancy app or internet connection! The service is available here in Austin and has been picking up quite a following. The reason is simple; Dadnab is for everyone–recent transplants, tourists, and longtime Austinites all benefit from the user-friendly format.

All you have to do is store the number (512-981-6221) and you’ve got all you need! Dadnab is no fuss. Go ahead and try it:

  1. Store the number
  2. Text where YOU ARE and where you need TO GO (ex. 7th and Brazos to 51st and Manor)
  3. You’ll receive a text with your directions: bus number, time, and location

When asked what’s behind the growing number of users,CEO Roger Cauvin says, “I think Austinites embrace technology, which has helped reduce the “fear factor” often associated with using modes other than the car.”

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