Design the Street of Your Dreams

street design

Does 7th Street just make you crazy? Or how about Red River? What if you could design your own street with landscaped trees, spacious bike lanes and more!? Code for America recently released a web based tool that allows you to do just that! You can create a visualization of your preferred street design with Street Mix, an idea developed during a Hackathon just like the one we participated in not too long ago. CapMetro is considering hosting more “civic hacking” events in the future. Think of all the cool and helpful tools that will be created!

How does your dream street reflect your values? What do you think should be prioritized? When we start to focus on getting more people moving around, rather than just cars, our streets start to look a bit different than they have in the past. Design your dream street and send us the picture or post it to our Facebook page!

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