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Even though car2go has been in Austin for nearly four years, we’re aware that some Austinites still shrug off the option for fear of the unknown. After sourcing some questions from our readers, we caught up with Grace Glenewinkel of car2go Austin to get answers. 

Q: Will the car turn off if I leave the “home” area?

No, the car will operate normally inside and outside the home area. Although the car will not turn off out of the home area, we ask that you don’t drive car2gos over 200 miles away from Austin.

Q: What happens if I park the car outside the “home” area?

If you park a car2go outside of the home area you will have to take the keys with you and lock the doors when you leave the car. You will continue to be charged for your usage of the vehicle until it is brought back inside the home area and properly logged out of.

Q: Am I responsible for gassing the car?

We have a maintenance team that cleans and fuels the cars. If you are in a situation where you need to refuel a vehicle there is a fuel card located
around the touch screen that you can use to refuel the car. If the tank was less than one-quarter (25%) full before you began refueling and you refill the tank up to at least 65% (usually around $27), your account will receive a credit of 20 minutes of free drive time as a “thank you” for the time you invested. (This is only valid once per rental.)

Q: How does car2go prevent me from using the gas card to fill up my personal vehicle?

Activity on each gas card is closely monitored and we can see when the fuel card is removed from its holder and when fuel is added to the tank of each car.

Q: Are there any tips & tricks for using Car2Go during SXSW?

Pay attention to parking signs and road closures. To help alleviate the parking situation, we secured additional car2go parking areas close to all the SX action. Our designated car2go drop zones will allow you to park like a VIP, and who doesn’t love a little special treatment?

  1. Simply drive your car2go to one of our two promoted car2go drop locations
  2. Speak with the car2go staff let them assist you in ending your rental
  3. Go enjoy your SXSW knowing you didn’t pay extra for parking!

Q: How much does it cost to start using car2go?

There is a one-time registration fee of $35*. There are no monthly or annual membership fees. Rentals cost .38 per minute. That minute rate includes fuel, insurance, legal on-street city parking and maintenance. If you drive over 150 miles in one rental there is an additional .45 per mile charge for every additional mile over 150. There are penalty fees in place for those who use the vehicles improperly.

*car2go is currently running a sweet promo special with free registration and 30 free minutes until March 31!

Do you have additional questions for Grace about car2go? Let us know in a comment below!

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