Social Cycling Events Help Boost Female Ridership

ladies ride pic

Increasingly, women are considered an “indicator species” for bike friendly cities. They demand safer places to ride a bike as a prerequisite and need routes organized around practical urban destinations. Thankfully, Austin’s cycling community is increasingly aware of women’s interests with more focused activities such as ladies-only rides and maintenance workshops. These events encourage women to cycle by boosting confidence and familiarity with the ins, outs, and streetwise know-how of bike culture. Maybe that is why Austin has slightly more women riding bicycles than the national average (26.9% compared to 24% respectively).

Here are a few upcoming social events:

2 Responses to Social Cycling Events Help Boost Female Ridership

  1. Speaking of lady focused bicycle clinics, the Ghisallo Foundation and Women Design Build are offering the first in our 2013 series of classes (after having done two in 2012) on Saturday Feb 19th.

    Participants will receive 2 hours of hands on clinic, printed materials, tire levers and patch kits and more! Free coffee and KIND bars will also be available for your drinking/eating pleasure.

    More info here:–2

  2. Speaking of women focused courses, the Ghisallo Foundation and Women.Design.Build will be offering their first 2013 bike maintenance clinic (after two successful clinics in 2012) on Saturday February 19th. This is a hands on course and participants will receive, in addition to instruction, print material, bike maps, tire levers, patch kits, and more.

    There will also be free coffee and KIND bars on hand for your snacking pleasure.

    More information and registration is available here:–2