Health Bit: 5 Simple Steps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution!

biketowork2We at Movability Austin want to help you keep your resolutions. Here are some easy ways to work towards a healthier, happier 2013!

  1. Want to lose weight? Ride your bike or walk to work once a week to burn off calories. Both modes will yield results depending on distance and frequency, plus you’ll have the added bonus of reduced stress!
  2. Want to drive more safely? Put your phone away when you drive! Distracted driving puts everyone on the road at risk and can easily be avoided. If you need to constantly be on call for work, let someone else take the wheel by taking advantage of Austin’s growing transit system.
  3. Want to be more outgoing? Ride the bus and talk to someone new, or join social cycling group!
  4. Want to be more engaged with your city? Walk or bike downtown. You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or worry about a meter expiring, you’ll be free to see the sites, window shop, visit downtown cafes, etc. Plus the more Austinites focus on walkability, the more city planners will work towards better infrastructure for pedestrians and cyclists.
  5. Want to save money? Carpool, walk, cycle, work from home or use local transit options. Owning a car is expensive—about $8,946 annually! Why not do yourself a favor by saving thousands of dollars this year?

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