Austin’s First Ever Work From Home Day

PrintWhat do AMD, Dell, the City of Austin, CAMPO and others have in common? Besides being leaders in the Austin business community they are also leading the way on employee transportation options, particularly working from home. These companies and many others are participating in Austin’s first ever Work From Home Day (WFH). On February 8, employees that are able will skip their daily commute and work from home.

Volunteers from the Austin contingent of the Social Good Summit are spearheading the one-day event with the goal of removing 10,000 cars from the road in order to improve air quality, increase employee happiness and productivity, and allow employers to experiment with a work place option that can also save money.  Results from WFH day will be presented during SXSW on March 10.

Movability asked co-founder of the event, Ruben Cantu, how we go from a 1 day event to a sustained work from home culture? Cantu replied that lessons learned from the event will be applied to future Work From Home Days as well as in setting best practice standards. Cantu said, “The real secret in scaling is the valuable data that we will show businesses and how it will help them save money, overhead, and increase productivity and their bottom line revenue.”

Whether you are an employee who wants to improve your quality of life by skipping the grueling commute, an employer that would like to increase employee productivity and retention, an environmentalist looking to increase air quality or all three, adding Working From Home to your transportation toolbox is easy.

Get Involved:

  1. Take the Pledge this is essential for tracking the number of participants and how successful the event it.
  2. Prep your home workspace so that you can be the most productive on WFH Day, February 8.
  3. Get your company involved, contact Movability and we can help.
  4. Tell your friends! Connect on Facebook and spread the word. On Facebook, you can also enter the “work in your PJs fashion contest” to poke fun at misconceptions about working from home.
  5. If you employer is participating, let them know that working from home is an option you appreciate! And give them a pat on the back for being a leader in employee happiness.

3 Responses to Austin’s First Ever Work From Home Day

  1. This is a great idea and glad to see Austin companies supporting the Work From Home Day!

    As a long time telecommuter, here are 6 suggestions to help you be productive throughout the day. Remember that you will be out of your normal office routine so take action to get you into “work” mode.

    1. Substitute a quick walk to “get out of the house” feeling you get when commuting.
    2. Distractions are stronger than your willpower! Unplug the TV, Xbox, etc. and ignore unfinished chores by scheduling them to do “after work”. Oh, and Facebook is off limits!
    3. Get the biggest, scariest task done first! You will be amazed at how much more productive you’ll be throughout the day.
    4. When talking with co-workers by video or conference call, eliminate all background noise – it is disruptive to your participants yet you will never notice the noise (dog barking, traffic driving by open window, making lunch, etc.). And for video, check what is in your background BEFORE you get on a video call!
    5. Your energy ebbs and flows throughout the day. Eat at regular intervals and take a quick mini walk to get up and away from your desk. Schedule these so you can manage your energy throughout the day.
    6. At the end of the day: finish up your “work” by writing down the 3 things you’ll need to do tomorrow, put your work files away, and go for a quick walk to “leave the office”.

    We are creatures of habits and commuting is a habit. Find your own creative ways to simulate your normal habit. Write down what you learn about yourself and how you best work throughout the day. Share what you learned with Ruben and the team at Movability so others can benefit!

    Byron Van Arsdale, CEO, Lead Great Meetings

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