Your Two-Wheeled Winter Commute

Now that the weather has taken a turn towards the wintery season, how do you keep up with your weekly bike commute and not freeze? Austin winters are perfect for biking because they are so mild – rarely will you encounter pesky winter elements like snow or ice. Here are your essential winter biking tips to get you through until spring!

  1. Layers: I’m sure you have heard this before, but that is because it is super important. Layers are great because you can peel them off if warm or add them if cold.
    • Tights: Wear them under your pants. You don’t need to splurge on anything really expensive. Simple cotton tights that sit close to your skin will do.
    • Tops: Same thing goes for your torso. Find a tight t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt to wear underneath your main layer. Your main layer is most likely a sweater or some other fairly warm top that will insulate your body. Add a wind blocking jacket over that. You are all set.
  2. Gloves: DO NOT skimp on this item! Your fingers and hands get cold quickly and will make any length ride uncomfortable. Gloves should be warm, wind and water proof. So splurge on some nice gloves and you’ll be cozy all season.
  3. Bright Colors: If you can, wear something bright yellow as your outermost layer. Winter days are shorter and visibility decreases as the sun sets. Bright colored clothing can make your ride that much safer. (Lights on your bike is an all season necessity.)
  4. Weather App: download an app that will give you the daily forecast. I use the Weather Channel app for Android, but there are many others (AccuWeather, Weather bug). Each morning, before you pick out your clothes for the day, check the hourly forecast. This will help determine how many layers and which ones you need for the day. And don’t be afraid to layer up in the morning and peel them off once you get to work.

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