Show Us How You Wiggle!

We all create favored paths to repeat destinations, which become so routine to us we don’t think twice as we go along. These routes often help us avoid scary intersections, high-traffic streets, or killer hills in favor of something more pleasant and user-friendly. The idea of the “Wiggle” began in San Francisco where cyclists share a famous winding route for getting through the hilly divide. While Austin doesn’t face the same magnitude of “hills,” we thought we’d tap into the local scene for some trip-tips from Austin cyclers to share with our readers.

Candace shares her wiggle: I live in Cherrywood and I work and play on the East Side and Downtown. So for me, it’s ALL about Comal Street–a cyclist’s haven. It’s very large and I’m in charge! The slow steady incline makes for a nice coast downtown and a gentle workout on the way home. For whatever reason, there’s hardly ever traffic. Eventually, Comal makes you wiggle left around the George Washington Carver library, and then another left, or right, to hug the Texas State Cemetery. Sometimes, if I’m feeling especially appreciative of a beautiful day, I’ll take the long way and do a round through the cemetery before exiting on Comal or Navasota. Either way, all of this takes you straight down to the heart of things where you can easily access 4th Street’s bike path west to get downtown.

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3 Responses to Show Us How You Wiggle!

  1. Joseph says:

    When I ride to work from Rundberg at I-35 to West Howard at MoPac, I wiggle through the Windsor Hills, Eubank Acres, and Gracywoods neighborhoods to avoid Braker and Rundberg lanes, and the Lamplight Village neighborhood to get from Metric Boulevard through Parmer Lane and to Scofield Ridge Parkway. There is no wiggle from Scofield to West Howard Lane at Merriltown Road, so I just ride sidewalks where they exist and assertively take the lane when there is no sidewalk.

  2. Cam says:

    I commute 3 days a week from South Austin to just south of downtown. I come from the Parkwood Neighborhood and usually take Palace to Dittmar and then cut through the Greenleaf (Forest Wood Road) Estates/Elm Wood Estates (Elm Forest Road)/Hillside Oaks (Mt. Carrell Dr.) to get to William Cannon. I’ll take a short sprint on WC to get to Emerald Forest Drive and take that for most of the way up to W. St. Elmo. The bike lane stops about half a mile short of St. Elmo so I’ll take Englewood/S 3rd St to bypass Vinson Drive for a slightly safer route. I’ll take St. Elmo eatt over to South Congress and then hit the bike lanes all the way downtown from that point. My office is located near Riverside/IH 35 so I’ll typically branch off at Post Road/Live Oak and cut through Travis Heights to get to my destination. Its a great ride and a perfect way to start the morning and top off a full day of work.

  3. M1EK says:

    One of the more important ‘wiggles’ to cover is how to get to the 360 corridor from Central Austin. l used this route for years for both recreation and commuting, back when I could still ride. Lots of people even now are seen struggling up Bee Cave Road from Mopac up through Westlake Hills – and there’s no need for that at all (downhill is another story; I loved tooling down Bee Cave in the afternoon – pretty easy to keep up with traffic that direction).

    1. Get to Austin High area however you choose.
    2. Cross under river on ped bridge.
    3. Use new path (didn’t exist when I did this) to get to south side of Barton Springs where it goes under Mopac.
    4. Ride frontage road for a bit to Rollingwood Dr.
    5. Rollingwood Dr. through Rollingwood (city) to Bee Caves Road.
    6. Cross and road turns into Old Walsh Tarlton; continue up (big hill here but little traffic) and down to its end at Wilderness Dr.
    7. Wilderness Dr. north/westerly to where it ends at Walsh Tarlton; take path under road to get to Pinnacle Dr. on other side (or take short jog on Walsh Tarlton itself, but there’s no light at Wilderness).
    8. Pinnacle Dr. up the hill to where it ends at Allen Dr.
    9. Short jog on Allen Dr. to Westbank Dr.; then use bike lanes (assuming Westlake High parents aren’t parked in them) all the way up to 360.