RideScout: Local Startup Gets National Attention

Last month RideScout (formally GoingMyWay) won the National People’s Choice Award at the Cleantech Open Global Forum and placed second in the National Sustainability Category Competition in San Jose. RideScout is an Austin-based mobile application currently in development. The app aims to provide users with a real-time aggregated listing of transit options—finding nearby bus, taxi, and rail rides– in a format which allows users to compare options and book rides on demand. The program will also be integrated with Facebook, a platform more conducive to car-sharing and carpooling options. Their mission is to help people save time and money by making it easy to find and use the growing number of travel options; and maybe even save the planet one less car at a time.

RideScout will begin a limited beta launch and continue working towards a public launch at SXSW 2013. Email RideScout [info@ridescoutapp.com] if you would like to participate in these beta tests (Austin residents only at this time).

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