Pro-Tips: Plan Before You Party This Holiday Season

It’s that time of the year again — full of work parties, happy hours, and the sort of impromptu merriment that often pairs with indulgence — which means now is a great time to plan ahead with a few handy tips for transit options that will get you (and everyone else) home safely.

Travel in groups:

  • Chances are you’re meeting up with friends, so why not travel together if you are walking or biking to make yourself more visible and/or carpool with a Designated Driver (DD) to stay safe after a long night.

Leave the driving to a pro:


  • It’s a great time to check out Car2Go for one way travel paired with a DD or share a taxi with friends.

If you drive & then drink, here are options for getting home safely:

  • Square Patrol (848-4553) comes to you via scooter, pops their scooter in your trunk to drive your car to your destination for you, then scoots away. Best of all, they’re free! (However donations of $20 are suggested and rightfully encouraged.)
  • BeMyDD offers three ways to reserve a designated driver.  Click here to make a reservation now, call 1-877-U-BEMYDD to reserve a driver by phone, or use the official BeMyDD mobile app.
  • Take a Pedicab if you live close to downtown.
  • Call Austin Cab (478-2222), The Land Yacht (626-8294), Lone Star Cab (836-4900), or Yellow Cab (452-9999) for a ride home.

Handy Apps:

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