Making New Year Resolutions? Consider Going Car-Lite in 2013!

Are you still thinking of a good resolution for 2013? Want to improve your health, save money, and do something good for the community and environment? Go car-lite by taking strides to stay out of your car, and you will accomplish all of that!

Set reasonable goals to decrease your car usage. Maybe it’s to walk or bicycle for short-trips (under 1 mile). Maybe it’s carpool with a friend or neighbor once a week (it’s a great way to keep in touch). Maybe it it’s something else, you decide.


  • Thinking through what you need to have ready will help you shift your travel habits.
  • Preplan your car-free trips: will you use more than one mode? How long it will take to get to your destination? How much it will cost? Is there an app to help you? Answering these questions prior will ensure a smooth trip.
  •  Look for ways to combine trips. Instead of hopping in your car to pick up groceries for each meal, think about ways to get all your errands done in one trip.

By seeking alternative modes for traveling, even once a week, you can begin to make your mental shift. Just like any new practice, once you begin integrating your new mentality into your routine, you’ll realize how easy it is and what a positive difference it will make in your life.

“I discovered that with Austin’s size it’s really not that hard living and walking in the central city. I think it’s a mental thing. I think that once I looked around I realized there are so many options in Austin: biking, the bus, Zipcar, Car2Go and then there’s walking because it’s a lot smaller than its population makes it appear in terms of the geography of the city,” says Adele Houghton.

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