Beautiful Landscape Under IH-35?!

Just this week, a section of the Lance Armstrong Bikeway (LAB) that runs under IH-35 got a makeover. Instead of being greeted by weeds and trash, people bicycling under I-35 at 4th Street are greeted by an organized and landscaped site.

Who is the force behind this great renovation? That would be the Ghisallo Foundation. Christopher Stanton of Ghisallo told us, “The visual identity of a site has implied meanings and at times the previous site felt neglected.” They teamed up with Keep Austin Beautiful and TXDOT to make the transformation happen. Stanton says, “We want this [site] to be visually recognizable and a facility riders will enjoy using rather than just using it because they have to. We hope that these improvements will help highlight what an important facility this is to cyclists and also encourage additional improvements to the area in the future.”

Look for more on the Ghisallo Foundation and the work they do in future issues. For now, go check out this project!

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