What Would Make Transit Irresistible?

A couple of weeks ago The Sustainable Cities Collective hosted their 11th #CityTalk tweetchat asking readers “What would make transit irresistible?”

This got us thinking about improvements CapMetro could make. We agree that WiFi would be helpful; but what about a mobile App that lets people know the exact/real time the bus is coming then riders could show up just in time to catch the bus?

As for entertainment ideas, someone mentioned the iconic No Pants Subway ride, which got us tossing around ideas. Since Austin is the live music capital of the world, why doesn’t CapMetro allow a musician to “Ride for a Song” during SXSW?  Literally – they play a song, they ride for free.

Now it’s your turn, what would make transit irresistible for you?

2 Responses to What Would Make Transit Irresistible?

  1. david w says:

    Well it would be nice to have more comfort like their express buses. Improve their drivers ability to drive… Not all need but the whom slam on the breaks and give you whiplash in traffic… Oh and the ones who take off like a bat out of hellbefore you have even stepped half your your 2nd foot over the yellow line. Wifi on all buses would be nice… Power outlets too… Less stop on certain routes like #1 and 3… We dont need stops every block… Learn to walk people. Frindly drivers on some routes would also be nice. I know this happening already although 2-3years away… I would like a phone or web app that allows me to see where a bus is in real time and estimated eta based on that

  2. Mitchell says:

    More frequent buses — like every 15 minutes. Perhaps the ones that run during non-rush hours could be smaller — like the airport flyer — but still run every 15 minutes. I note Cap Metro has been closing some stops, and this is a good idea. Too bad there are no facilities for parking bikes at the bus stops.