East Austin Studio Tour: Pro-Tips

Did you get out to E.A.S.T. last weekend? If you did, you probably know that the best way to experience the annual self-guided art tour is by pounding the pavement around a wide stretch of central east Austin, but to get to all the far ends of the tour’s 100+ studios a bike is hands down your best bet. If you don’t have a bike, there are many places in town to rent one including electric bikes from Rocket Electrics.

If you don’t live within biking distance:

  • Take the bus and bring a bike if you have one to get around once you arrive in the E.A.S.T. territory.
  • Carpool with friend(s) and cart your bikes on a rack to change modes for convenience on site.
  • Grab a ride using Heyride: download the app and find someone going in your direction.
  • Take advantage of the extended MetroRail hours this weekend! Trains begin running at 10am both Saturday and Sunday. There are many studios to visit around the Saltillo station and a few near the MLK station. 

What to bring:

  • Bike Lock(s): A lot of the studios are inside people’s homes where bike racks are scarce, so be on the lookout for fences, telephone poles and sign posts to attach your bike. If you can’t find one of those options, you can always lock 2 bikes together or lock the front wheel to the body of a single bike.
  • Bike helmet and lights: The sun sets promptly at 5:30pm and you don’t want to be riding around in the dark. Plus, it’s illegal. You must have a front white light and rear red light or reflector to ride at night.
  • A backpack to carry snacks or stash art you buy during the day.
  • This handy map of all the artists, galleries, happenings, events—and bike routes! Many of the studios have hard copies of the map for free or for sale. Since many of the studios are in neighborhoods, the streets are generally pretty low traffic, low stress; great for riding around all day.

Where to Park:

  • Bike Corrals: There are many corrals along E. 6th Street between I-35 and Chicon. Look for these in front of Shangrila, Buenos Aires Café, The Brixton, Liberty and Rio Rita.
  • Bike Racks: Many of the commercial studios will have bike racks, but they will fill up quickly. So be prepared to scout around for a sign post, fence, or lock your bike together with a friend.

If you drive: Most parking will be on street, just be sure not to park in a bike lane or block a driveway.


E.A.S.T. photo courtesy of Happy Mercado. Send us your photos!

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