Video Round Up

Capital Metro just released a new video called Screen ATX. It’s kind of artsy, in that it begins with a screen printing story line before it ever mentions transportation. Check it out for yourself here.

This got us thinking, what are some of the best transit related video’s we’ve seen? Here are some of our favorite videos that show off how cool transit really is:

1. Recently dubbed the “coolest bus ad ever” Denmark’s Midttrafik bus video has been a viral hit, bringing attention to the sleek convenience of ridership.

2. It’s natural to feel a little awkward the first time you put your bike on the bus, but this video recognizes that, and rebrands the trending multimodal experience with a fun and empowering twist with this fun and quirky video.

3. This stop motion animation for Milwaukee Transit System breaks down the basic perks of riding the bus.

4. “It’s smarter to travel in groups” is an all time favorite animation from a Belgium transit company.

Rest assured, Capital Metro offers all the same luxuries and benefits highlighted in these videos.

Send us your links to your faves and we will post them too or just click on the article to comment on which videos you think work best.

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