Park(ing) Day Comes to Congress Avenue

On Friday, September 21, a group of young CNU Central Texas members celebrated Parking Day by turning two parking spots on Congress Ave., in front of Royal Blue Grocery, into a parklet. The demonstration project drew many excited onlookers and participants. Click here for more about Parking Day.

For the day, the repurposed parking spaces were transitioned into a public use area for people to sit, work, eat, and enjoy!

One Response to Park(ing) Day Comes to Congress Avenue

  1. Marcy Fletcher says:

    These Park spaces & day use in front of businesses is a great idea if the traffic lane is not blocked or those enjoying the space are not in jeopardy..great idea ..especially if we can protect for that day any driving lane that is being used.. Marcy Fletcher, Organizing President of the Original Old Pecan St. Festival and organizer of the same both spring & fall with Michael Wolverton..Downtown resident for more than 35 years.
    Marcy Fletcher