Exercise Your Citizen Muscles: Go Vote Nov 6!

And don’t forget the city bond propositions toward the end of the ballot.

 You may not love everything in this $385 million bond package, but there are plenty of needs in our community – infrastructure repairs, watershed protection, parks improvements, and affordable housing.

Prop. 12: Transportation & Mobility:

As much as Austin aspires to become a city with viable travel options, we will always need roads and roads, like everything else, have needs especially if we are going to improve them for all uses, e.g., walking, bicycles, transit and carpooling. This bond begins to address two perennial transportation problems – persistent bottlenecks and a high rate of crashes and fatalities – with $8 million addressing arterial congestion and crash-risk mitigation, with another $35 million directed to sections of I-35. This bond also has a bump in sidewalk funding with the inclusion of $25 million for sidewalks and ramps, and a list of multi-modal projects that support a better sense of place.

To make it easy to get to your polling location, Capital Metro will be offering FREE rides on Election Day on all MetroBus, MetroRail and MetroAccess services. You can find your  polling location here and use trip planner to get there!

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