Cycling to Work: Give it a Spin

There always seems to be a viable excuse when it comes to changing your routine, but you’ll never know what you’re missing until you give it a try and see that cycling to work is easier than you think. Plus, there are so many great health and financial benefits to help boost your motivation! Bikes Belong collected some interesting facts including that less than 2% of Americans cycle daily, and less than 1% achieve 30 minutes of physical activity on any given day. Instead of spending hours in your car each week getting stressed out in traffic, you could be enjoying the mental relaxation and health benefits of cycling to enrich your lifestyle.

Bicycle Sports Shop put together a great list of comebacks to your riding excuses to help you overcome the challenge along with commuting tips. One of our favorites is the “I’ve got to wear dress clothes at work” excuse that can be busted with a little planning. Just give yourself plenty of time to ride at a leisurely, sweat free, pace to the office and bring along a change of clothes or keep a fresh outfit at work. Lastly, stash some baby wipes in your desk to help you quickly refresh before starting your day.

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  1. Carly Newstrom says:

    Cycling is widely regarded as a very effective and efficient mode of transportation[5] optimal for short to moderate distances. Bicycles provide numerous benefits by comparison with motor vehicles, including the sustained physical exercise necessarily involved in cycling, that cycling involves a reduced consumption of fossil fuels, less air or noise pollution, much reduced traffic congestion, easier parking, greater maneuverability, and access to both roads and paths.-.

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