Austin, Texas: Honored for being the first city in the world to reach zero traffic fatalities!

Wouldn’t it be great if that were a Newsweek headline in the year 2020? Well, work is underway to make everyone out there safer no matter what mode they choose. On October 5, Movability staff joined over 80 city employees, officials and safety advocates for the first ever Transportation Safety Summit. The half day meeting focused on (1) identifying short-term priorities for regional transportation safety and (2) beginning interdisciplinary collaboration to increase safety based on these priorities for all: drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Distracted driving and pedestrian safety were specifically chosen as issues in Central Texas. The summit was only the beginning. There is much to be done and we’ll keep you posted as that work develops.

In addition to the Summit, VeloTexas begins tonight and has a full day of activities scheduled for Friday October 19. The conference seeks to develop safer streets for cyclists and to encourage more people to get around by bike. VeloTexas will hammer out the technical details of biking, like aspects of Complete Streets design as well as highlight successful bike projects in Texas. It’s not too late to attend and provide your input! Check out this video on Movability’s objectives for VeloTexas:


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