Exercise Your Citizen Muscles: Go Vote Nov 6!

And don’t forget the city bond propositions toward the end of the ballot.  You may not love everything in this $385 million bond package, but there are plenty of needs in our community – infrastructure repairs, watershed protection, parks improvements, and affordable housing. Prop. 12: Transportation & Mobility: As much as Austin aspires to become […]

Fun Fun Fun Fest Pro-Tips

This weekend’s (November 2-4) will bring thousands of people to Auditorium Shores and downtown Austin for a three-day fest and subsequent FFF Nites showcases. Since parking is scarce in the surrounding area and towing will be enforced in the Bouldin Creek neighborhood, fest-goers are strongly encouraged to skip the hassle of traffic and parking by […]

Telecommuting Can Make You Smile

Telecommuting, aka working from home, has seen some recent gains in popularity as our job culture evolves and changes over time. The many benefits of telecommuting are becoming increasingly uncovered by employers and employees. Austin is no stranger to the practice. More workers in Austin telecommute than any other city in the country. Recent research […]