Tech-Savvy Transit Tools

We’ve talked a lot about GoingMyWay and ParkMe, as hot apps for which we have high hopes.  Here are some other apps we’ve been hearing about to get around town. What’s in your “Tech Toolbox”? 

For navigation and transit maps HopStop Austin is a great go-to app for getting from points A to B. It works in most major cities, so it’s perfect for helping you plan every step of your route, especially when you have to transfer buses/trains, or use multiple modes of transportation. MyCityWay NOW (iPhone only) is another navigation application that provides traffic feeds to help you determine the best route. Additionally GPS tracks your location to recommend the most convenient places to shop, dine, etc. along your way.

For parking assistance, ParkAtMyHouse is now available in Austin. This application is designed to help home and business owners rent available parking space by connecting them with drivers in need of convenient, safe, and cost-effective places to park. Since this is still new to Austin, there has not been a lot of activity in the private sector, but PAMH also works in conjunction with Parkopedia which shows you real-time availability of nearby parking lots, hours, and cost per hour when you to type in your location or destination.

For catching a ride, Hail A Cab (iPhone only, coming soon to Android) is still working out a few bugs, but hopefully after a few tweaks this will help simplify the process of calling a cab by connecting users directly with cabs in their area. HeyRide is a brand new Austin-based car share network that is working to connect people to carpool. And OnTheBus Project (Android only) helps people with disabilities use transit.

To record your workout or log details of your daily commute, iMapMy works with your phone’s GPS to create a log of your fitness activities on an interactive map and allows you to access your information online at MapMyFITNESS. Similarly, MapMyWalk tracks your route, distance, and pace in real-time. Strava Cycling also records your trip details; you just turn on the app and throw it in your bag.

Take a minute to comment below to share your faves and/or frustrations when it comes to transit tech tools.

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  1. Kevin says:

    Transit! for Android provides straight-to-the-point scheduling info…