What is Car-Free Day?

Everyone has a narrative in their brain that justifies decisions they have made and habits that have been formed.  It’s no different for driving alone in a car even when the “convenience” is challenged by traffic or parking headaches. Our narrative remains that driving is really the only “convenient” option. Car Free Day is all about […]

Transit Improvements We Can All Appreciate

More people are riding transit and that alone is good for everyone.  Every new transit rider is one less person driving alone, one less car adding to traffic and fewer carbon dioxide emissions—a single commuter who switches to using public transit will reduce 5,000 pounds of emissions annually. From October 2011 to June 2012, Capital […]

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet Project

Bikes are a fun, sleek way to get around, but despite the obvious safety precaution many people view helmets as a hassle due to their clunky, awkward design with the notorious disadvantage of sweaty, helmet hair. While obviously better than a cracked skull, it’s also not the way you want to roll up to an […]