Going Car-lite isn’t Anti-car

Austinites love to complain about traffic. The city’s infrastructure never anticipated the demands and strains we increasingly place on our road network. These days it’s as easy to see a motorist sitting still in traffic as it is to see a bicyclist or a train zipping by on a separate path. The definition of efficient […]

Show Us How You Wiggle

We all create favored paths to repeat destinations, which become so routine to us we don’t think twice as we go along. These routes often help us avoid scary intersections, high-traffic streets, or killer hills in favor of something more pleasant and user-friendly. The idea of the “Wiggle” began in San Francisco where cyclists share […]

Multimodal Memoir

We recently sat down with Adele Houghton who chooses to walk and use Austin’s public transit as often as possible, rather than drive. With her background in public health and sustainability, she shares details of her experiences on her blog, Multimodal Memoir. Q: What prompted you to go car-lite? I’ve worked and lived in a number […]