ParkMe: The State of Austin Transportation

ParkMe, the new mobile app that updates you with downtown parking info [highlighted in LGN 3], recently featured an interview on their blog with Movability’s Glenn Gadbois where they discussed Movability’s efforts to impact Austin’s mobility. Here it is!  The State of Austin Transportation (via ParkMe) According to Forbes, Texas’ capital city is the fastest […]

Downtown Development

Downtown Austin and downtowns in general have seen a resurgence in popularity over the last decade. This resurgence has attracted new people that in turn attract new development and that cycle continues until we have a downtown that is light years ahead of where it was ten years ago in terms of jobs, residences, transportation […]

Programmers Create Mobility Solutions

A Hackathon is a simple idea. Invite lots of programmers to volunteer for a day, pitch ideas, then get to work on the ideas that get them excited. That’s the beauty behind Code For America: Austin. There were several mobility ideas pitched at this years Hackathon including an Austin wiki focusing on mobility, 311 tags for […]