Rocket Electrics’ Commuter Club: Yet another commuting option

Rocket Electrics wants to make a positive change in your daily commute. Since opening their doors last year as Austin’s first electric bike shop, Rocket Electrics has been providing our city with an energy-efficient, hassle-free alternative for your daily commute. They have recently created the Commuter Club rental program, which gets you five 24-hour rentals over a month (Sunday through Thursday) for only $59.99. This is the perfect, low commitment way to introduce biking into your commute. Their Pedego electric bikes offer a clean and convenient ride to work for all fitness levels without the sweaty aftermath that deters some from biking to the office. Watch this video for more on how easy they make commuting or read one commuters takeon the e-bikes after a week-long test drive. E-bikes are practical and have zero-emissions. They last about 20 miles per charge with speeds up to 20mph–depending on cargo weight, hills, and additional pedaling. Give them a call to sign up today!

A group of Dell employees recently took a spin around town, testing out the e-bikes. If you are an employer and want Rocket Electrics to help your employees with their commute into work or if e-bikes would help employees with short trips during the work day, give them a call to discuss what what options are best for your business.


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