Mellow Johnny’s Craig Staley Talks Bike Share

Following the news about Austin’s city-wide Bike Share Program, which is slated for a progressive launch beginning in Spring 2013 Movability Austin caught up with key-player, Mellow Johnny’s General Manager, Craig Staley to talk shop on what this means for Austinites.

Q: Why did you and Mellow Johnny’s get involved in starting a bike share in Austin?

We saw an opportunity to leverage the strength of our brand and the bike industry knowledge that we possess to get bike share off the ground in Austin. We view bike share as the single best addition to our transit system when you consider the cost of it versus the impact it will make.

Q: How is bike share important for Austin?

Bike share is huge for Austin. We lack a built-up system of public transit, but have a huge forecast for population growth—especially downtown.

Q: How will bike share work in Austin?

We think it will be a huge success in Austin. Our weather, downtown growth, attitude, and transit needs point to this being the right answer at the right time for our city

Q: Who are the others involved, and ideally what others need to be involved?

So far on the private side we have companies such as GSD&M, Whole Foods, Cirrus Logic, and Austin Ventures. CapMetro, The Downtown Austin Alliance, and the Austin Convention and Visitors Bureau have all vocalized support. I would hope that we eventually see strong support and involvement from UT, ACC and St. Edwards, once they see the value and impact of bike share.