Life Can’t Imitate Video Games

In reality, we are all pedestrians. Some of us are also drivers. That means we can’t treat driving or walking like a Grand Theft Auto or Pedestrian Killer video game. Whether you are walking through a parking lot to your car, walking along a sidewalk to lunch, walking through the grass of Zilker Park or crossing through an intersection, we all have […]

TOD Can Shorten Your Commute

A new hot topic in the geeky transportation world focuses on helping people live closer to their work place, thus greatly reducing the distances traveled to get to work. Before you shake your head because you know how expensive it will be to get a place downtown, we know that many downtown employees can’t afford […]

Calling all East & Southeast Bike Commuters: Your commute just got a whole lot easier.

The eastern portion of the Lance Armstrong Bikeway (LAB) is open! Commuters can now take the LAB from the Montopolis Bridge all the way into downtown. The newest portion connects commuters south of the river with an off street paved bikeway that links up with the on-street portion of the LAB. While this is an […]