Why Green is Good for Bicycling … For Everyone

Austin was recently selected as one of only 6 cities to take part in the first ever National Green Lane Project. The project provides resources to build state of the art bicycle infrastructure over a 2-year period. Green Lane Project staff will work with City of Austin staff to design and implement infrastructure that fits the needs of Austin. Director of Public Works, Howard Lazarus explains, “Health and fitness are key parts of the Austin personality.  They are not only essential components of our lifestyle, but they also support business and tourism.  Being part of the Green Lane project continues to place Austin among the nation’s most innovative and progressive cities, and will enable us to develop a connected bicycle network that supports key industries and a superior quality of life.”

Lazarus sees Austin’s participation in the Green Lanes Project as an opportunity that “will result in safer, more connected bicycle facilities being constructed and will enhance overall mobility and contribute to improved health and air quality.”

Bikes Belong Video Introduction to the Green Lanes Project

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