ParkMe: Can Save You Frustration and Money

One of the biggest problems with parking is that most drivers head where they want to go and may have to circle several blocks to find a parking space. This circling adds traffic, frustrations and costs for everyone. ParkMe has released an iPhone app that shows areas of downtown Austin and UT where parking is available. Parking data is updated every 5 minutes so you won’t be looking at outdated information. If you don’t have an iPhone, you can also view parking info on their website. If you have to drive downtown alone, this app can get you the information you need to get out of traffic and into a parking space with less hassle and less gas burned.

Here are just a few of ParkMe’s features:
• Alert you when your meter is about to expire.
• Information on pricing, capacity, hours & locations at garages downtown.
• Predict parking availability at a desired time in the future.

ParkMe works great when you are carpooling with a friend, it’s safer and more efficient to have your passenger using the app to find parking while you drive. Try the app today!

Watch this KXAN story for more detail.

Parking app hits Austin:

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